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<1> JOB
Are you working or studying?
Can you describe your daily work?
Are you satisfied with your current job?
Do you want to change your job?
What do you think of your future job?

What places do you often go shopping?
What things do you often buy?

Who do major housework in your family?
Do you do housework in your home? What housework do you like to do?
What are the changes of status of family members in Chinese families?
What kind of housework do you think it is the most important?
What benefits can we get from the improvement of technology?

<4> FOOD
What foods do you like or dislike?
What food can you cook?
What are the differences betweenshavingsmeals at home and going to restaurant?
What is your favorite restaurant? Why?

Can you outline the industries in China?
What is major industry of China?
What technologies is China lack of?

Do Chinese like or dislike animal? Why?
How to preserve the animals?
What animals can people see in China?
What is the most famous animal in China?
What is the role of animal in China? What should animal be use as?

What do people do in their spare time? What do you like to do?
Do you think spare time is important to you? Why?

Do you like watching films?
What kind of movies do like?
What are the difference between watching films on TV and going to cinema?
Do you like to see a film alone or with your friends? Why?
How do think of the future of movie?

What’s your favorite transport?
>>What are advantages and disadvantages of the different transports?
>>Do transports cause pollution?
>>How to improve the traffic of cities?

Can you describe your childhood briefly?
Where do you play? Play what?
What is the most memorable thing in your childhood?
What is your favorite story in your childhood?

Where is your hometown? What do you like/dislike your hometown?

<12> HOBBY*
What’s your hobby? Why?

What kinds of legal holidays are there in China?
How do you arrange your holidays?
What activities do you do to relax in your spare time?

Which festival is important for the Chinese people?
How do Chinese celebrate the festivals?

<15> FAMILY**
What do you think of the increase of divorce rate and single-parent household?

雅思口语PART 2 & PART 3
Describe your favorite TV program
 -What is it? Which channel?
 -When andswheresdo you watch it?
 -What kind of it? What’s it talk about?

And explain why you like it?
 -What are the differences between day programs and evening programs?
 -What are the TV program’s effect on the children and the elderly?
 -What are the differences of TV programs between now and past?
 -What are the improvements on TV program in China?
 -What is the situation of cinemas in China?
 -How do you think that many people buy DVD and watch at home instead of going to the cinema?

Describe a sports star
 -Who she/he is
 -What sports he/she play
 -Why you like this star
Do your friends like him?
What are the benefits from sports?
Do people around you like sports?
What sport do they like?
Do you think it is rational that sportsmen get high salary?
Can sports star earn money through commercial advertising?
What are differences of view on sport between men and women?
Can you have a talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Beijing’s holding 2008 Olympic Games?

Describe an important/recent success in your life
When /where/what about it
How do you make it
Why it is important for you
How can you get to success?
What are the essential conditions /qualifications of success?
Why people must have a future goal?
What is the effect of goal?
What is people’s goal nowadays?
What is your aim of life?

Describe a child you are familiar with
 -His or her name
 -Age, appearance
 -Hobby and explain why you like him/her
Which are happier, children nowadays or the ones 20 years ago?
What do you think of adolescent education in China?
What are the effects of pressures exerted by teachers and parents?
How do think of educational mode of elementary school in China? Are there any problems?
What is the proper educational mode?
What are the improvements in educational mode in China?
What do you like to play when you were young, for example, when you were 10?
What are the differences between Chinese children and foreign children?
What are the differences between children nowadays and the ones in the past?
What do you think of the problem the problem the parents overindulge their children?

Describe your best friend.
how you knew each other
How you became friends
How you spend time together
Explain why he/she is your best friend
What is the difference in requirements for making friends between now and in your childhood?
What’s the most important thing between friends?
Is it more difficult to make a bosom friend when one is grown up than before?

Describe your favorite music/song
 -What it is about
 -Why you like it
How about the music’s development of China?
What is the difference between native music and foreign music?

<7> TOY
Describe a toy for children
 -What it is
 -Who gave you?
 -Why you like it
What are the differences in toys between now and past?
What are the differences of toys between boys like and girls like?
What role do toys play in the process of children’s growth?
What are the factors that influence adolescent?
What are parent’s attitudes toward too early love affairs of their child?
What are the differences between children nowadays and the ones in the past?
Is there any relation between toy and education?

<8> PARK
Describe your favorite park or garden
 -How often
 -What kind of people like it
 -Why you like it
What are the effect of parks on people’s life?
What are advantages and disadvantages of private garden?
To what the purpose people want to possess a private garden?
Do you think we need much more parks?
Is it convenient to go outing?

Describe your ideal house or department
-Where it is
-Outside/inside? surrounding?
-Why you like it
Where do you live?swheresdo you want to live?
Do you live in city or countryside? Tell about advantages and disadvantages from both areas.
Do private space become smaller? How to solve/settle it?
Are there many people live in high buildings and large mansions?
What is the difference between old house and modern house? Which one do you prefer? Why? What is the advantage of the one that you exclude?
How do government settle the problem of houses in danger? What’s your opinion?
What kind of house is popular?
What are the good houses that majority believe?
Why people like big house?
Why should we preserve the old building?

Describe an exciting period in your life
-When is it
-What did you do during that time
-Who are the friends you made in that time
-Why it is exciting
What is the legal age of Chinese people?
What is the purpose of legal age? Why?
May the legal age change?
What can people do when they reach legal age?
What do you do when you were at university?
What do old people concern about?
Who would look after them when people get old?
When does the early education usually begin in your country? What is the advantage and disadvantage of beginning education at this age? Why?

Describe the features of four seasons in you country
-What the seasons are
-What people do in each season?
-Which season you like best?
With the alternation of seasons, are there any changes in wearing clothes?
What differences are there in architectural style between north and south considering the differences in season and climate?
What differences are there in life style between people from south and the ones from north, For instance, Beijing and Nanjing?
Is there any change of climate in the past 20 years?
What do you think of the environment in the future?
What is the cause of disasters? What are effects of disasters? Can we solve it?
What should government do to prevent disasters? Such as flood.
What do you think of the climate of China?
Can you describe the bad weather you met?
What is your favorite season? Why?
Which season do Chinese like best?
What is green house effect?

Describe a piece of equipment you think it is useful
 -What it is
 -How it is used
-Advantages and disadvantages
Will today’s technology/electric apparatus still be in use (popular) 50 years later?
What differences in purposes of use are there between the young and the old?
Are there any differences in attitudes about technology between men and women? What are those?
Do the young people nowadays rely/depend too much on technology?
How does technology influence people? Does it make life better?
Do you think the development of science and technology would bring people much more convenience? In what aspects does it show? Can you imagine what aspect it is?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of new technologiy?
Are there any people around you who don’t accept new technology?

<13> TRIP
Describe a exciting trip you made
.When did you take it?
.How did you get there? By what transport?
.Introduce that trip. What did you see there?
.Who do you with?
.Explain why you liked it.
What transports are available for Chinese people’s trip?
What is the difference between traveling by single and traveling in a group?
What are defects of tourism?
Why many people come to China? Are there any advantages and disadvantages?
Why many people go abroad for a trip? What are advantages and disadvantages?
What your opinion about the prospect of tourism in China?
What kind of people go to China for trips? Why?

Describe a book/story you read before
.What influence it brings to you
What kind of libraries do you often go to?
What facilities are there in the library?
What improvement do you think that we should make?
Where do you like to read, in the library or at home?
Do every village and city have libraries
Do majority of people read for study or entertainment?
Do you like reading novels?
Some writings can be handed down as classics. What requirements do they must fulfill to make these achievements? / What are the preconditions to be classic?
What is your ideal library?

Describe a normal commodity in Chinese family?
.What it is
.How it is used
.Advantages and disadvantages
Note: This topic is similar to the “EQUIPMENT” topic
What are advantages and disadvantages of high technology?

Note: For this topic, you can combine the “HOLIDAY” of PART 1 and the “TRIP” topic to answer it.

Note: There are some questions about international relations in PART 3.
With competition between countries, how to reinforce the cooperation between countries?
Can you describe one of your country’s success? What are the native effects and international effects of your country’s success?
What is your goal of life?
What country do you want to go to?
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