ZT:Perfect Journey @ 7/20/2010

This topic has been on my mind for a long time. Journey here refers to all kinds of travelling with different purposes. In my view, a perfect journey composes three elements: with right person, to the right place and at right time.

A good company is the most import to make a perfect journey. What do you think of having a pal who can feel what you feel, think what you think, understand what you said and why you smile or weep? When you think of a poem at a certain scene he/she can finish the lines slipping off your tongue. When you speak of an allusion he/she knows what you are talking about and why you mentioned it. When you play a joke he/she can respond you with humor. When you wake him/her up to tell him/her the new ideas which has just jumped into your mind in middle night he/she wont refuse to listen to you for disturbing his/her merry dreams. In a word, you two can communicate with no barrels. Isn’t it a best experience if you have such a soul mate with you during the journey?

It is also crucial to choose a right destination Nature lovers had better go to the places with mountains, waters or forests. Those fond of animals can visit wildlife land. To broaden horizons, travelling abroad may satisfy you. To achieve more fun and excitement a paradise like Disneyland perhaps a good choice. If you are obsessed by endless work a trip to a quiet small town can relieve your anxiety and refresh yourself. Suppose you are frustrated for the resent lost of your love to ski in a distant country like Swiss will help you forget the pain and regain confidence. When you get lost in success or fury try walking along seashore you will calm down little by little.  In brief, select a suitable place according to your taste and contemporary mood and you will have a wonderful journey.

The last but not least to consider is timing. It contains right time for both the tour site and the tourist. If you aim at indulging in seafood at sea make sure to go there at seafood season, otherwise you will be disappointed. (By the way, it’s said that it’s time to eat oyster in every month that ends with “er” in its name.)  If you would like to see great tidewater middle-autumn festival is proper time while if you are eager to enjoy fresh air in forest spring and summer is better. As for tourist, any time you feel like travelling just go for it. It might be when you free, for example, you have a period of break between the shift of old job and the new one. It also possibly happens in your busy time. For instance, after finishing a big project, a few days trip is not a bad idea for those who has been working hard for a long time to relax and prepare for new tasks. To sum up, timing of the tour site depends on your purpose while your time is in your hands. All you need to do is  follow your heart.

Isn’t it a perfect journey to combine all three above?
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